These Alternatives Appreciate Faster and Can Cost Less

Read for Vinnie’s contribution to the below article as seen on   For generations, the American dream of a single-family home – the kind of free-standing place with a bedroom for each of the kids, flowers planted out front, and the family dog running around in the backyard as the grill gets fire up […]

WNY Housing – Tenant & property owner rights

I recently had the pleasure of joining a couple of my peers on the DJ STARR Let’s Talk Show. We discussed the state of housing in WNY and what your rights are as either a tenant or a property owner.

So How much is a driveway?

It can be tough getting around Western New York without a car.  For the most part, Buffalo is a driving city, and people tend to park their cars where they live – in driveways, and in garages.  But that’s not always the case.  In tighter urban areas like the cities of Buffalo, Lockport, Lackawanna, and […]

How to rent the house you want

Finding a rental apartment can be difficult, especially during a global pandemic.  As a renter, you need to use every tool at your disposal to win the apartment of your choosing.  When people look to purchase a house, several people choose to utilize the skills, labor, and expertise of a Realtor or buyer’s broker. people […]

Property owners lobby in Albany for changes to state tenant laws

Landlords are asking for changes to state law that provides new legal protections to tenants.  they’re also resisting efforts to pass “good cause eviction” law that would limit annual rent increases in many privately owned apartments…Click here to read more.  Share this post

Buffalo Business First

Buffalo Business First published Rondinelli’s prognostications for the housing market in Western New York for the new year.  There’s been an increase of young people renting and national investors coming to the Buffalo area.  National investment, immigrant influx to impact Buffalo in 2019, property managers say. Western New York’s property managers said they’ve seen increases […]

Real Estate Investment in Buffalo

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Buffalo, NY People that have been investing in Buffalo know that good investment properties are getting harder and harder to come by. In 2006, us realtors that worked with investors were selling houses on Baynes and Hoyt Streets for $35,000 to $45,ooo.  Today the average house on those two streets […]

Top tips for selling a house in the fall & winter months

Many homeowners are under the impression they should put off trying to sell until spring… …but the fall and winter months offer their own set of benefits. With smart preparations, you can participate in a rewarding housing market, regardless of the season. Here is how to turn an off-season listing into a successful sale. Note […]

Storage facilities are on the rise in CRE!

Storage facilities are on the rise in Commercial Real Estate, but why? Two Words – Data Management. If you take a drive through the ton of Dublin, Ohio just a few miles outside Columbus you can observe 68 acres of commercial infrastructure.  What you won’t see is the bustle of workers in or outside those […]