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Right Time to Sell

The right time to sell

One of the top questions on most home sellers’ minds is when they should sell. You’re probably asking yourself, “When is the best time to sell my home?” Many of our clients ask us about the right time to sell, but the truth of the matter is that there is no single answer to this question. The time that is right for you to sell may not be the same as it is for your neighbor. However, there are certain factors that can make some times more appealing than others. Here’s what you’ll need to consider.


Your new home

When you sell your home, you’ll need to have a new home to move into. If you are still looking for a new place, it can complicate your selling process, as you won’t want to close on the sale until you know you have somewhere else to go. Although you don’t want to delay selling your house for too long, you also don’t want to sell too early and have to rely on alternative accommodations while you continue to shop. Your local real estate agent at Rondinelli Real Estate can help you get the timing just right.


The condition of your home

If your Buffalo home has seen better days, you may want to hold off on selling until you can complete some repairs or renovations. You may have more difficulty finding a buyer for a fixer-upper, and this may result in you needing to reduce your asking price to attract attention. On the contrary, completing the repairs before selling may even enable you to increase your selling price, depending on the renovations you complete and the materials you use.


Buffalo Real Estate trends

Finally, you’ll need to consider what is going on in the local market. This is where your Buffalo real estate broker can really help home sellers. Here at Rondinelli Real Estate, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of the local market, and we can help you list your home for sale at the most opportune time. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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